Bridal Gowns; Why Faster is Not Always Better

Looking through our year of bridal gown orders it occured to me how much I truly love the wedding gown industry. I love the look, the feel, the fabrics, the people behind the scenes that make everything happen. And of course, the brides who are the face of beauty, anticipation, and excitement, all here to hold the space for the time honored tradition of marriage and to remind us of the preciousness of life and all the joy it brings.
It also occurred to me that the core of the wedding gown industry carries a very rich history of quality and a tradition of excellence that has not been shaken by the changing and ever-challenging pace of everything else around it. Purchasing a wedding gown has remained one time in our lives where we like to take our time and enjoy the process, to take in every moment along the way, and to truly be present and soak it all in.

What really makes a bridal gown so special?

There are so many things that make the bridal gown shopping experience truly unique. It is probably the only time in a woman’s life where she will purchase such an elaborate gown, or any true gown for that matter, and one that is made exclusively for her. It is a time when she will call in her closest friends and family to help remind her of what she is looking for, and who she is on the inside and out. But also the process of how the gowns are made is inherently unique as well, reminding us of a slower time, a time when true skill, attention to detail, and learning a craft were valued and honored. And to me, the process of how a gown is made truly honors and goes hand in hand with the sacredness of all that a wedding gown, (and wedding!) is.

Why does my bridal gown take so long to arrive?

We get alot of questions regarding the time it takes for the bridal gown to arrive. And, understandably so-it is an exciting moment to try on YOUR wedding dress for the first time! What a lot of people may not know is that almost every bridal gown is made to order. So, to clarify, that means that once you say “Oui” at the store, you are setting a chain of events into action to create the gown of your dreams! But fret not, beautiful brides to be, this means that your wedding dress is made just for you, which makes it that much more, well, special. In this day and age of everything “instant” your bridal gown is one of the very few things that will not be rushed. Think of it~you have the luxury of a team of people whose job it is to bring your gown to life! It is truly one of the last craftsmen type of experiences left, one where you can see and feel the artistry. And for good reason, it is a dream in the making!

Did you know you have a team of experts working for you behind the scenes?

I hope all the beautiful brides to be out there will take comfort in and appreciate everything that goes into bringing their vision to life, from the designers who dream up the dress and pencil the first sketch, to the pattern makers, to the team that sources the materials, to the experts that sew the first stitch, to the sales reps who analyze the data… And of course to the consultant in the store, whose very purpose it is is to help you find the gown of your dreams!
When you take a step back you can really see the beauty in the process and how a team comes together to make things happen. It is a perfect synergy that will never grow old to me. Ladies, go with the flow and you will not be disappointed!