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Real Chamonix Bride Nicole in Ti Adora

We cry a lot here. Sometimes I get home and my husband asks me what’s wrong- and I just say I had a great day.  He doesn’t understand, but it’s hard to have a bad day in this business even if you’re crying.

From the lovely, special details brides incorporate in their days, to their sweet love stories and tales of friendship we get to learn about personal and intimate moments that have taken years to build, all in few hours, days, and months. We watch grandmas, moms and mother-in-laws share heartwarming moments that only happen once in a lifetime. And everday we get to learn that the world can never run out of love.

This next brides stands out as one that we can never forget. A bride that has since become a true family member.  We couldn’t be happier to share her wedding day photos by Erica Lee Photography at Lippincott Manor.

From the Bride:

“I will never ever forget the Saturday afternoon in September when I arrived at Chamonix to try on wedding dresses for the very first time. At the time I did not have a firm grasp on what I saw myself walking down the aisle in, but I did know it needed to be affordable and unique while still remaining classic. I discovered Chamonix online and after reading tons of positive reviews I decided to make an appointment for the upcoming Ti Adora trunk show, I wasn’t sure that I would find a dress, but I knew I needed to start looking. When myself, my mom, and my future mother-in-law arrived at the shop we were greeted by Rachel, who immediately made us feel welcomed. Once we began talking to Rachel about my future wedding day my mom made an announcement that would take our appointment a completely different direction. My mom who had been fighting cancer and undergoing chemo and radiation for the past 8-months was in remission and was currently cancer free. I knew at that moment this was more than trying on dresses, this was day to be celebrated for so many reasons. The tears were flowing and the tissues being handed out before I even slipped on the first dress.”
After the big news settled in, we were ready to start trying out dresses. Rachel asked myself and my mom what the budget for my wedding dress and my mom immediately blurted out “We don’t have one.” I can remember thinking “Oh my goodness, why would she say that!? They are going to put me in a $15,000 dress that I’ll only wear once. I rarely stray from the clearance racks at the mall.” I then described my vision of something simple, maybe an open back, love lace, maybe form fitting and Rachel hurried off to pull some dresses. She came back to the fitting room with several options. The first dress was fun, but not for me. The second dress was a lace, open back Ti Adora with a slit that made me feel so beautiful. It was simple, elegant, flirty, and unique….it was the one. But how could this possibly be, it was the second dress!? We tried on a few more dresses but came right back to that Ti Adora. I knew it was the one. This day could not have been any more perfect, I knew I had found the dress and was ready to say “Oui at Chamonix.” The icing on the cake was that the dress was extremely affordable and I got a discount just for purchasing my dress during the trunk show. From someone that doesn’t like paying full retail price on anything I was super excited!
It is so hard for me to even put into words what an amazing experience I had that day at the shop. I never for a moment felt overwhelmed, pressured, or rushed. I was in awe that I had a one-on-one appointment and  I felt like the absolute center of attention. I had no doubts that the ladies of Chamonix would make sure my dress was perfect for my big day. They far exceeded any expectations I had of dress shopping. When I returned for my fitting with Chamonix’s amazing seamstress, she put pins here and there and in places I didn’t even think that the dress would need to be taken in but it made a world of difference! Needless to say, she made it look like the dress was made for me! Two weeks before my wedding I was at my last fitting with Kathy and was talking about how I have grown to love tulle skirts and how beautiful they photograph. I was thinking of ordering one offline but was worried about the sizing and making sure it would look good with my dress. Kathy said, no problem, I will make one for you, just come by this week and try it on. Sure enough, it was perfect, she created the most beautiful tulle skirt that skipped right over top of my dress for the ceremony. It really made me feel like I had two completely different dresses. Even my Pinterest board couldn’t have pinned a more perfect dress!
If I could provide one piece of advice to all of the future brides out there, it would be to make an appointment at Chamonix- and I truly mean it! This is not some corny sales pitch, I am speaking bride to bride here. Shopping at Chamonix was honestly one of my favorite memories from planning my wedding. You will not find a more fun, relaxing and comfortable experience anywhere else. You are the bride, this is your moment, your dream dress, make it everything you’ve ever wanted. – Nicole”















The emotions from the announcement still get me all teary.  When I turned around and looked at the three beautiful women before me overflowing with such joy from both the good news and the reason they were all together, I cried because it was more than just a touching moment- looking at them you saw love.  A palpable rainbow of emotions of joy, and pain, and laughter, and tears, defying time, space, and bloodlines.  And we get to witness it all.  We are truly lucky to be honored that you all choose to share these moments with us.

Thank you so much Nicole and family for letting us be a part of your memories.  You will always be a special part of ours!


Men’s Suits: Black Lapel
Invitations: Jacqueline Dziadosz