The Chamonix Team

Meet the lovely ladies who are here to help you find your dream dress!

Laura Howard // Manager

Laura is from Syracuse, New York and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with degrees in Visual Presentation/Exhibition Design and Home Products Development.  Laura is extremely intuitive, patient and truly listens to her clients. Bridal is one of Laura’s strongest passions, along with the desert, coffee and ice cream.  Her love for the bridal industry can be seen during all of her appointments.  You will most likely find her in tears the second you find your dream gown, so she always keeps tissues close by 🙂

Madi Taylor // Assistant Manager

Madi is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from SUNY New Paltz.   Madi’s sense of style as well as her degree from New Paltz make her an asset to the Chamonix Bride team.  She is totally obsessed with mangos, the beach, peach margaritas, Dolly Parton and with everything bridal. From the engagement, to the planning to the dress to the event itself, you won’t bore her with every single little detail – in fact she wants to hear it! Madi is dedicated to helping you find your dream gown at Chamonix (also she is really good at popping champagne bottles)!

Summer Mosher // Bridal Consultant

Summer is from Red Hook, NY and is currently working on her Fashion Merchandising degree with a concentration in Promotion at Marist College.  Her education from Marist College allows her to understand the construction of gowns as well as what wedding dress will flatter a bride’s body.   Her favorite aspect of bridal is all the good vibes and love that surrounds it, as well as the styling and curating that goes along with the “big day”.  

Diana Mendez // Office Manager

Diana is from Pine Plains, New York and graduated from Marist College. She received a Bachelor of Science, studying Fashion Merchandising and Business Marketing and joined the Chamonix Team in Fall 2016.  Her organizational skills and attention to detail make her a crucial part of Chamonix Bride. Diana is obsessed with her puppy, green tea lemonade, and all things social media. You can find her crying alongside Laura when you find your dream wedding gown.